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We are top of the line
in this industry

We are top of the line in this industry

The Pebble Mix product was developed and introduced to the market by the current owner, Geoff Iles, in October 1975.

It was initially promoted as a do-it-yourself project at McEwan’s, a hardware chain that existed before the popular bunning stores. Following the launch of the product, it became apparent that there was a significant demand for Pebble mix, which needed to be fully supplied and laid for a number of clients.

When a U.S. distributor established numerous franchises using trade exhibitions in Chicago and Washington, DC, our Pebble Mix Company was first exported during that decade.

A TV marketing effort that began in 1985 resulted from the changing DIY market sales patterns. This led to increased installed applications and high demand for the manufacturer’s direct sale of Pebble Mix products.

Early in the 1990s, radio advertisements on 3AW replaced television advertisements. Since then, the two have worked together, with renowned John Blackman being brought on board for the voiceover in 2016. Using his vast building and carpentry knowledge, Grant, the owner’s son, extended his involvement in the business in 2010.


Our pebble mix product, which has the ability to crystallise, has a very high level of durability. 

The self-cleaning feature, consistent UV durability, and resistance to dust, mildew, and mould pollution considerably strengthen the durability against corrosion and continual crumbling. 

We promise to provide the highest quality Pebble mix finish products.

Innovative and quick

We have a dedicated specialists, any job can be finished quickly, typically within a few weeks of accepting the quote. 

We know what it takes to produce a successful project from the conceptual stage to the finished pebbles product.

 For a variety of solutions, we offer specific standards.

49 years of experience

Our projects feature a cutting-edge, modern design thanks to our more than 49 years of experience. 

The flexible porous pavement industry is what we want to rule.

 Solutions that are more affordable and echo-friendly are something we constantly search for.

We are growing every year

More than 20,000 Australian homes have had Pebble mix effectively placed since its invention in 1975.

Since its debut in 1979, Pebble mix has been used in a wide range of commercial settings in a number of different countries.

Many commercial construction projects, such as pool complexes, driveways, and similar paved areas, have been successfully finished.

As Peta, Geoff’s wife, handles the finances, Andrew, Grant’s brother, contributes his knowledge of technology, and Nicole, Grant’s wife, joins to handle office administration, Pebble Mix has always been a family business. Younger employees of the company may quickly be observed.

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We know what you need

As the top Pebble Mix Company, we are aware of your needs. We have several years of very good industry experience. 

Our customers are everything, and they come first for us. The lovely aesthetic appearance of our Pebble mixture reveals a fantastic value for your property. 

We guarantee your satisfaction with our pebble mix product.

We are the best in the industry and we can meet your needs promptly. Reach out to us by phone or email to start working with us.